Are There Any Useful Apps For Camping?

When we head out into the woods for a camping weekend, we usually think of it as a time to turn off our digital devices and reconnect with nature.

And though many campers are leaving their cell phones at home, there are some great uses for a cell phone while camping. Of course, we all know of the maps and the recipes that one can cook in the best camping cookware sets. But there are other applications (Apps) that one can use while camping that will enhance the experience and help you avoid summer camping dangers.

App creators now have a wide array of offerings that can help you learn more about the places that you are exploring. Before you head out into the wilderness, consider adding these and other camping and survival apps that are just as helpful as your survival kit to your phone.

SAS Survival Guide App

If you only want one camping and survival app for your camping weekend, this should be the one. The SAS Survival Guide is a comprehensive digital guide that includes a compass, a series of video tutorials, a first aid section for treating burns, relieving chafing, and more, and over 400 pages of wilderness and survival tips.

Make sure that you have room on your phone before downloading. The app runs without a wifi or data connection, which means that you have the information handy even when you are far from civilization. However, this also means that all the information associated with the app must be stored locally on your tablet or phone.

Star Walk App

Been awhile since astronomy lessons in school? Star Walk can help you identify what you are looking at in the night sky. When you are away from all the light pollution associated with urban and suburban areas, there are far more stars to see. Simply point your camera at the night sky to get details about what is above you.

PlantNet App

Plant identification guide books can be confusing to use. Pl@ntNet and similar apps use image matching technology to help you get a more certain ID on any plant. Users simply take a few pictures of a plant and the app matches the images with the most likely candidates. The app also allows people who demonstrate plant knowledge to contribute images and identifications, which can be a fun way to pass the time during your camping trip.

AllTrails – Hiking, Trail Running and Biking Trails App

Sometimes you encounter a trail during a trip and can’t tell, at first, how far it goes. Other times, you just want to explore your options before you head out to hike, run or bike for the day.

AllTrails has listings for 50,000 trails around the world. The listings are hand-curated and include information such as kid-friendliness, dog-friendliness, grade, difficulty and length for every trail. Those who want to track how far they’ve gone can use the app as a GPS tracker. It will tell you how many miles you’ve covered, your elevations and how fast you complete each trail. This app is a must-have for all backpackers.

Getting away from it all doesn’t have to mean leaving your phone at home. You can still look at that phone while drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning! With these informative apps, your digital device can enhance your outdoor experience instead of getting in the way of it. Download a few to keep family informed and entertained to make your next camping excursion more enjoyable.

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