The 5 Best Dutch Oven Lid Lifters

Cooking with a Dutch oven is both a rewarding and hot experience, so the best Dutch oven lid lifters can come in handy. The best Dutch oven lid lifter should keep you safe. Lid lifter are a necessary accessory for cast iron cooking, like having good spatulas for cast iron. So, we discovered five quality lifters you can examine, in addition to constructing a guide to help teach you all you need to know about lid lifters. Keep reading for more Dutch oven lid lifter reviews and ratings.

The 5 Top Dutch Oven Lid Lifters

We researched countless of lid lifters in our search for the best Dutch oven lid lifter. All of them have their own advantages that may better suit your cooking needs. So, we created thorough reviews, addressing their important features so that you have an easier time finding the right one for your Dutch oven. Keep reading for more information about the top 5 best Dutch oven lid lifters below!

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Lodge Camp Dutch Oven & Camping Pot Lid Lifter

Our Score 10 out of 10
Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter. Black 9 MM Bar Stock for Lifting and Carrying Dutch Ovens. (Black Finish)
Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter. Black 9 MM Bar Stock for Lifting and Carrying Dutch Ovens. (Black Finish) Check price

Heavy duty steel
All Black finish
Length: 15 inches
Made in the USA

The Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter is an easy-to-use method to safely handle your Dutch oven. Not only that, but it’s made from solid, heavy-duty steel to help it last you a long time. There’s even a black, high-temperature finish applied to the lifter in order to further improve its durability.

With its T-bar design, it’s useful for moving around coal from the fire as well as the oven. This way, you might have a better time handling your cooking around the campfire.

This may be the best Dutch oven lid lifter that’s simple to hold thanks to its ergonomic shape. It even latches on tight to the lid so you may not have to worry about it slipping from your hold.

At only 15 inches in length, it may benefit from being just a few inches longer to keep you further away from the heat. However, as it stands, it is compact enough so that you may set it aside out of the way. There’s even a hanging loop at the end to make storage even easier.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Keeps a firm hold
  • Durable constructed
  • Could be longer
  • Could be longer

Mair 14″ Camping Pot & Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

Our Score 10 out of 10
Mair Dutch Oven Lid Lifter 14"
Mair Dutch Oven Lid Lifter 14" Check price

The original Mair Dutch Oven lifter
Made of steel then powder coated for smooth action
Easy to control lid and pot itself
14 inches in length
handle allows for easy grip and complete control

With the Mair Dutch Oven Lid Lifter, you can have a solid tool for all your Dutch oven cooking needs that only weighs one pound. At 14 inches, it isn’t that long, but it’s easy to pack up to either take with you or store when it’s not needed.

This is made using solid steel that’s then powder coated afterward in order to give it more durability as well as help you have more control. Its construction may allow for smoother action. This way, you might feel more security when you’re lifting the lid or moving aside coal.

Also, this smooth action creates only an up and down motion. Such movement might reduce the chances of any ashes accidentally spilling into your food while you handle the lid.

What may further assist you is the design of the handle. It’s a simple handle that features a red rubber grip. It’s the best Dutch oven lid lifter that offers such a design to help ensure you have a firm hold at all times.

  • Simple up and down movement
  • Good stability
  • Solid construction
  • Rubber grip may slip off
  • Rubber grip may slip off

Bayou Classic Heavy Duty Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

Bayou Classic 7487, Heavy Duty Lid Lifter
Bayou Classic 7487, Heavy Duty Lid Lifter Check price

Bayou Classic lid lifter
Be safe every time
Made of cast iron
Heavy duty
Help to lift large cast iron dutch oven lids

The Bayou Classic 7487 Heavy Duty Lid Lifter may be the best Dutch oven lid lifter that offers a more affordable option to stay safe while cooking. This is designed in order to handle thicker, heavy duty Dutch ovens. However, there’s a chance that it may only fit on some select Dutch oven lids as it’s not a universal design.

Made from cast iron, the material feels solid enough to withstand frequent use. There is also a “stay cool” feature constructed into the handle. This may help keep you from feeling the heat no matter how many times you use the lifter.

More on the handle, it’s a comfortable design that seems relatively easy to hold and manage. Even though this is meant to lift heavy duty lids, you may experience some wobbling when you move around with the lid.

Even so, the handle has minimal weight so that you might not strain to use it. Also, with it being 17 inches long, there’s enough length to keep the hot lid or coals away from you.

  • Solid cast iron material
  • Comfortable handle
  • Manages heavy duty Dutch ovens
  • Might cause some wobbling
  • May not fit some Dutch ovens
  • Might cause some wobbling
  • May not fit some Dutch ovens

Coleman 16″ Lid Lifter Cast Iron

Our Score 8 out of 10
Coleman Cast Iron Lid Lifter
Coleman Cast Iron Lid Lifter Check price

Durable cast iron construction
Specifically for use with the dutch oven lid, but works with most cast iron lids
16-in. handle length for added safety
Spiral bail handle for comfort and lower temper...

The Coleman Cast Iron Lid Lifter is designed specifically for Dutch ovens, but it is versatile as it may work with some regular cast iron lids as well. As it’s made from cast iron material, it feels reliable enough to hold up through multiple uses over the campfire.

You may have to break this in a bit as there’s a chance you may have trouble getting it to lock into place properly on the lid. Once it is locked, it may offer a good amount of stability so the lid won’t shake.

At 16 inches long, this lifter seems simple enough to pack up and store. It’s another that can be seen as the best Dutch oven lid lifter with a hang loop built in. This can help make it even simpler and quicker for you to hang up and store so that it’s ready whenever you need it.

The handle itself isn’t that long though, so it may have you closer to the heat than expected. However, the handle is spiral in design in an effort to make it more comfortable as well as try to reduce the heat.

  • Comfortable spiral handle
  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy material with durable welding
  • Might have trouble locking in place
  • Chance that it can get too hot
  • Might have trouble locking in place
  • Chance that it can get too hot

Texsport Camp Cast Iron Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

Our Score 8 out of 10
Texsport Camp Cast Iron Dutch Oven Lid Lifter
Texsport Camp Cast Iron Dutch Oven Lid Lifter Check price

15" Lid Lifter constructed of durable steel
Works with any slotted handle lid
Spiral Bail Handle for comfort and lower temperature
Pan/Lid not included
Perfect for Every Outdoor Kitchen. Backyard, ...

The Texsport Camp Cast Iron Dutch Oven Lid Lifter offers as much simplicity as you may want in a lid lifter. It’s a budget-friendly option, as well. The 15-inch length may not work with all Dutch ovens, but it allows it to be compact enough that you may stash it wherever you need to.

It’s constructed using strong steel, and it manages to have a good amount of value that allows it to hold up over time. When using, the lid lifter seems to do a good job at keeping the lid leveled so nothing falls into the Dutch oven.

This may be the best Dutch oven lid lifter that features a handle that can dissipate heat well. It has a spiral bail design to help keep things cool. This also may make the lifter more comfortable and easy on your hands. There seems to be a no-slip aspect to it as well.

At the same time, you may have to put out a good deal of effort and strength to properly use this lifter. This may be due to the awkward angle the welding is at that may require you to exert more in order to lift the lid without causing any tilting.

  • Handle stays cool
  • Keeps the lid from tilting
  • No-slip grip handle
  • Requires some effort to use
  • Requires some effort to use

Important Dutch Oven Lid Lifter Features to Consider

Generally, if you’re going camping and want to fire up some nice meals in a Dutch oven, you want to invest in a lid lifter. The best Dutch oven lid lifter differs according to your specific Dutch oven, how much length you need, and other features.

Below, we take a look into certain features you should keep in mind when shopping for a lid lifter in addition to focusing on the benefits you can reap from using it as well as anything to look out for.


Length may be one of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a lid lifter. You may find these lifters ranging anywhere from 14 inches to 18 inches in length.

Shorter ones do tend to be easier to store so that they’re not taking up unnecessary room. However, a shorter handle might force you to be closer to the heat.

On the other hand, a longer handle around 17 inches or so can keep you firmly away from the heat and safe. This may not be the most compact thing to carry around on a camping trip though.

How useful a length of a lid lifter is can also depend on the Dutch oven itself as smaller ovens may only require a smaller lid lifter.


Just like with your Dutch oven, you want your lid lifter to actually last. Of course, these lid lifters are usually affordable, so it may not mean much to replace them. However, a high-quality construction can help ensure that you don’t have to worry about buying a new one for each camping trip.

You can find Dutch oven lid lifters made from either cast iron or steel material.

Cast iron is a reliable material that’s stiff and requires minimal maintenance so that it can last a good amount of time. This is why it’s used for a lot of different camping cooking supplies like cast iron skillets, camping griddles, cast iron woks, cast iron baking pans, cast iron grill pans, and even campfire tripods.

With steel, you may get some similar durability as cast iron as long as the steel itself is heavy-duty. It also may offer a lighter weight so that the lid lifter isn’t difficult to use, much in the same way people will use a cast iron teapot rather than a camping Dutch oven for small batches of liquid.

Handle Construction

The handle design can make or break the simplicity of a Dutch oven lid lifter.

There are some basic handles as well as spiral bail handles. With basic handles, you get a straightforward method of using the lid lifter. They may or may not have an additional grip attached to add some more comfort and help give you more control.

With the spiral bail handles, you may get an easier hold overall. This is because these types of handles tend to be more natural, but you can still find traditional handles with an ergonomic design.

Also check for any type of heat dissipating features or “stay cool” functions. This can help keep the handle cool to the touch so it may be easier to manage, both for duth ovens and for cast iron melting pots.

Benefits of Using Dutch Oven Lid Lifters

The main advantage you can see from using a lid lifter for your Dutch oven is the safety aspect. Cooking over a campfire can get hot. If you reach in with an oven mitt or a towel, you still have to get close to that heat. With a lid lifter, you can keep your distance.

Also, a lid lifter can offer you more stability when moving the lid. This can reduce the chances of you spilling ashes into your food.

Precautions Using Dutch Oven Lid Lifters

If there is one thing you should be aware of using Dutch oven lid lifters, it’s the chance that it may slip from your hold. Lifting a hot Dutch oven lid has obvious risks, so it’s important that you find a lid lifter that’s reliable and stable. Some handles are even designed no-slip to lower the risk. It’s also important to ensure lid lifters are dry after cleaning them, because they may rust otherwise.

Also, the heat factor is important as well, so your lid lifter of choice should keep things at a safe temperature.

Despite not coming into contact with your actual food, you should still season your lid lifter. Keeping it seasoned will help prevent rust if it ever gets wet.

To learn more about different cast iron dutch oven lid lifters on the market, check out our Lodge cast iron reviews, Tramontina cast iron reviews, and Finex cast iron reviews to see what these great cast iron brands have to offer.


Cooking with Dutch ovens should be an exciting adventure, but with how much heat they put out, it’s easy for things to become unsafe. Lid lifters are ideal tools to allow you to keep a comfortable distance from the heat while still cooking up all your favorite recipes from a cast iron cookbook around the campfire. From our review list, we feel the Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter is the best Dutch oven lid lifter to handle that for you.

It’s made with high-quality steel with a high-temperature black finish designed to keep it cool. The handle is ergonomic-like in shape, and the lifter locks well into the lid to prevent it wobbling around.

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