If you own a grill, you need the best grill cover to protect it. Many people enjoy having a barbeque with family and friends. However, proper maintenance and care are needed in order to make sure your barbeque grill lasts as long as possible. Searching for a grill cover doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Once you are familiar with the features of the best grill covers, you can purchase one that will both protect your grill from the elements and look great in your backyard. Check out the grill cover reviews and ratings below for more information about the best grill covers.

The 5 Top Grill Covers

If you love grilling and cooking food outside, a grill cover is a must to protect your grill. We know there are many to choose from, which is why we put together a list of the five best grills covers so you can pick the one that suits your needs. Keep reading for the top 5 best grill covers and what makes them each a great choice.

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AmazonBasics Medium Black Gas Grill Barbecue Cover

Our Score 10 out of 10
Amazon Basics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover, 60 inch / Medium, Black
Amazon Basics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover, 60 inch / Medium, Black amazon.com Check price

Medium outdoor cover fits most gas grills up to 60" by 22.5" inches (Length x Depth); ideal for everyday use; particularly useful during the off season
Made of woven polyester fabric with water res...

The AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbeque Cover will fit most grills up to 58 x 26 inches and is one of t he best grill covers. It’s made of a woven polyester fabric that includes a water-resistant backing that provides protection from the snow, sun, dust, and rain. This material is useful when you’re looking for long-lasting strength to protect your grill from one season to the next. The integrated air vents are designed to allow air to flow freely. This prevents the air from getting trapped underneath the cover.

The air vents will also minimize the chances of condensation and prevent the cover from billowing in the wind. It is secured in place by an elastic bungee cord, which keeps your grill protected even during unexpected winds or breezy conditions. The cover is great for the off-season and can provide you with reliable performance all year. While it’s designed for the off-season, it can also be a good cover for everyday use. There is a one-year warranty for added protection against the unexpected.

  • Fits most brands
  • Elastic bungee keeps it in place
  • Integrated air vents for safety
  • No UV protection
  • Only comes in black
  • No UV protection
  • Only comes in black

AmazonBasics X Large White Grill Barbecue Cover

Our Score 10 out of 10
Amazon Basics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover, 72 inch, XL
Amazon Basics Gas Grill Barbecue Cover, 72 inch, XL amazon.com Check price

100% woven polyester fabric imported from China with a laminated polyvinyl chloride undercoating to minimize rain from seeping through
Cover protects against rain, snow and other outdoor elements

You want to keep your barbecue grill in tip-top shape and the AmazonBasics Grill Barbeque Cover, X-Large can help you get there. The cover is easy to use and care for, which means that you are able to keep your grill protected long-term. In order to clean your cover, just wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed. It’s made of 100% woven polyester fabric to protect it from dirt, rain, and sun.

Interlocking seams provide added durability and strength, which is an important feature if you live somewhere with seasonal weather changes. The cover is designed to protect your grill during the off-season but it’s also more than capable for everyday use. The cover slips on easily and has handles that make it simple to remove and adjust. The click close straps snap into place to secure it around the barbeque. The cover is water resistant to keep your grill dry and protected from rain and snow. There is a water resistant fabric top and a protective splashguard skirt.

  • Straps snap securely into place
  • Woven polyester construction
  • Easy to use and celan
  • No UV Protection
  • No UV Protection

a1cover Small 30-Inch Waterproof Heavy Duty Gas BBQ Grill Cover

Our Score 6 out of 10
a1cover Grill Cover, Small 30-Inch Waterproof Heavy Duty Gas BBQ Grill Cover
a1cover Grill Cover, Small 30-Inch Waterproof Heavy Duty Gas BBQ Grill Cover amazon.com Check price

This BBQ grill cover measures 30L x 26W x 42H Inches, which fits for most grills up to 30inches. No matter what grill’s brand you have, including Webber, JennAir Grill, Holland, Brinkmann and Char ...

The Acoveritt a1cover Small 30-Inch Waterproof Heavy Duty Gas BBQ Grill Cover can protect the grill from water, snow, ultraviolent light, dust, and more. It is versatile thanks to its heavy-duty material that can withstand the elements. It‘s dustproof, windproof, water-resistant, and UV-resistant, which are factors you need to consider if you live in a harsh environment. The last things you want to have to deal with are insects when you are grilling, and this cover works to keep them out.

It’s made with 100% 60D polyester and the same is sealed inside for more protection. The Velcro fasteners prevent the cover from blowing away in any strong winds. The cover measures 30 x 26 x 42 inches, which will fit most grills up to 30 inches, no matter what brand you have. The cover is easy to clean, and you can hose it down and let it dry in the sun.

  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Degrades faster in hot climates
  • Degrades faster in hot climates

AmazonBasics White Kettle Grill Cover

Our Score 8 out of 10
Amazon Basics Charcoal Kettle Grill Barbecue Cover
Amazon Basics Charcoal Kettle Grill Barbecue Cover amazon.com Check price

Fits kettle grills measuring up to 26.5" in diameter x 30" high
100% woven polyester fabric with a laminated undercoating to minimize rain from seeping through
Cover protects against rain, snow and...

This AmazonBasics White Kettle Grill Cover is made from 100% woven fabric that comes equipped with a laminated undercoating to minimize contact with the rain. This also provides protection against snow and other outdoor elements. There are click-to-close straps so the cover can easily snap around your grill and be secured even on the windiest of days.

The interlocking seams add durability and strength to make sure this cover lasts through every season. The cover comes in a light brown and dark brown color combo. It’s easy to clean and use and there are even loops that allow for easy removal whenever you want to get your grill out. The water-resistant fabric top comes with a protective splashguard skirt in order to provide additional protection.

  • Water-resistant
  • Click-to-cose straps keep it secure
  • Made from durable woven polyester
  • Only fits kettle grills and other small grills
  • Only fits kettle grills and other small grills

VicTsing 5+ Burner Grill Cover 72 inch BBQ Cover

Our Score 8 out of 10
VicTsing Grill Cover, 72-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover, 600D Heavy Duty Gas Grill Cover for weber,Brinkmann, Char Broil, Holland and Jenn Air(UV & Dust & Water Resistant, Weather Resistant, Rip Resistant)

The VicTsing 5+ Burner Grill Cover 72 inch BBQ Cover is made with three layers of protection. The well-made UV coating avoids color fading and helps protect your grill from harsh elements. The Oxford polyester fabric with PVC layer will not allow water seepage. The double stitching ensures durability and long lasting usage. This precision two-thread stitching also gives it more durability and rip resistance.

Added together, these features create a cover that can hold its own throughout the year. The well-made handles help you remove the cover easily and the side magic tapes can help you tighten the cover to prevent it from being blown off the grill. The cover is backed by a three-year warranty. It measures 72 x 26 x 51 inches and it will fit grills up to 72 inches.

  • UV coating
  • Three layers of protection
  • Double stitching adds durability
  • Not as thick as other options
  • Not as thick as other options

Important Grill Cover Features to Consider

When choosing the best grill covers, there are some things you want to keep in mind. Consider the following grill cover features when choosing best grill cover for you.


This is a time when size does matter, and you’ll want to size your grill correctly. You want the cover to fit snug, but it shouldn’t be a struggle in order to get it on. If you have to stretch it or pull at it then it’s too tight. I have had to struggle to fight with a grill cover when a storm suddenly rolls and you don’t want to be in that position. You also don’t want to risk damaging any parts that stick out, such as side shelves when your cover is too tight.

On the other hand, choosing one that is too loose can also cause some issues. This can lead to mildew or mold. An oversized cover can easily turn into a sail in a windstorm and send the grill across your patio. Aim for a closest fit in order to keep the moisture out. Before you buy, know the dimensions of your grill and choose a cover that will match.

The Look

There isn’t anything wrong with wanting your grill cover to look good. A big barbeque can take up a lot of real estate in your yard. The look can be a subjective topic so it’s hard to tell you what you should or shouldn’t buy. However, you can keep it in mind when searching for the best grill covers. Just know that a great color won’t be of any value if it fades in the sun.


Since your grill cover is exposed to the elements, you need it to have the material necessary to protect the grill and any grill tool sets and charcoal for grilling you store with it. Look for heavyweight, durable material and good stitching. If you buy thin covers, you could save money in the short term but you will end up spending more later on. Covers come in different materials, including polyester, vinyl, and canvas.

Polyester covers are light and dry chemically so they suit any kind of climate or weather. Vinyl covers are waterproof and can wear faster than other styles, which means you need to replace them more often. Canvas can often be the best because it’s heavy duty, tough, and can be treated to be both fireproof and waterproof. Most of the time this can be the cheapest material used for covers. Thicker materials will last longer and allow you to get your money’s worth.


Moisture is the number one issue affecting your grill, so your cover needs to be waterproof. Unless you live in a very dry climate and rain or snow isn’t an issue, a waterproof cover is a necessity for any grills stored outside. If you use a portable camping grill or smoker grill, a waterproof grill cover is a must to keep it safe from rain while camping.

Tie Downs

This can help you make sure that your cover won’t fall off and your barbeque won’t blow over because the cover turned into a sail.

UV Protection

Unless you don’t care how your cover looks, pick one with UV protection. Barbeques spend a lot of time outside and are exposed to the sun. Constant exposure to sunlight can fade any cover at some point, whether it’s UV protected or not. If you keep your grill in a location with partial shade, this can help.


A cover without a warranty usually means low-grade materials and construction so a warranty gives some confidence in your purchase.

Benefits Of Using Grill Covers

Your grill is an investment so you want to make sure it will last as long as possible. Even if you have a budget grill, you still want to keep it protected. Many grills are kept outside so they are exposed to the harsh elements. The biggest threat to your grill is rust. The best grill covers will keep the wet weather away from the grill and protect all its vital metal parts. Rust not only makes the grill look bad, but it will significantly shorten its lifespan.

When the barbeque grill isn’t in use, it’s likely that it is left outside so the grill will need to be cleaned with a grill brush and grilling gloves or other cleaning tools before you can use it again. You can avoid having to clean your grill as often by choosing the best grill covers for your specific BBQ.

Covering will also help discourage critters from taking up residence inside the grill. Once I turned on the grill to find some mice scurrying away from flames. I shut it down and escorted them away without any serious damage, but a cover could’ve helped to prevent this problem.

Even durable and heavy-duty grills can be damaged when exposed to harsh conditions like sun, snow, and wind. There are different factors that can be harmful to your grill. If you leave it open then dust settles in and the grill may not work properly. A cover that has loose ends can allow dust to accumulate, especially if it gets windy outside. Air vents in your grill cover prevent it from ballooning up and allowing dust and moisture to get inside the cover.

When Do You Not Need A Grill Cover?

There are some cases when you may not need a grill cover. If you always store your barbeque in a garage or shed, then it’s already protected from the elements. If you keep the grill under a gazebo, you could also get away with not using one. If you have a portable electric grill, infrared grill, or a grill that needs to be propped up by a grill stand, simply take the grill inside instead of buying cover for it.


Of the all these great grill covers, the AmazonBasics Gas Grill Barbeque Cover is the best grill cover for all-around function. It’s made of water-resistant polyester fabric to protect it against the elements and it stays securely in place without turning into a sail that will throw your grill around. Unlike other options, there are air vents that will allow the air to flow freely and prevent it from getting trapped, which can also reduce condensation. Moisture is going to be the most important thing to protect against when choosing a cover.

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