The 5 Best Portable Camping Kitchens

If you’re going camping but like to cook at a counter and use a camping stove, you need the best portable camping kitchen. Portable camping kitchens come with a wide array of features and settings for you to choose from, and having one is the first step to completing your ultimate camping kitchen checklist. Read on to discover our portable camping kitchen reviews & ratings so you can find the best camping kitchen today.

The 5 Top Portable Camping Kitchens

We recognize that finding the best portable camping kitchen can be difficult. There are a lot of features and aspects that you need to consider. So, to help make a better-informed decision, we have compiled reviews for the top 5 best portable camping kitchen models available on the market.

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Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen

Our Score 10 out of 10
Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen
Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen Check price

Portable camp kitchen offers a stable cooking surface and ample storage space
31.5 x 21.3 inch food prep area ideal for chopping ingredients
27.8 x 20.5 inch side table accommodates most Coleman st...

Coleman is a well-known manufacturer of all kinds of camping equipment, and this Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen has everything that you could want at your camp site. They have added a side table that is able to hold most other Coleman stoves and coolers, and it has a place for you to easily store dishes, utensils, and extra cooking materials right inside of its large storage area.

Coleman also thought about the fact that most people still have to prepare their food when they are camping, and therefore, they have added a large preparation area to the kitchen for convenience. A portable camping kitchen is only good if it is easily carried to your campsite.

Keeping this in mind, Coleman has added a small carry case to help making carrying and storing the kitchen to and from your campsite easier. Plus, they made sure to make it from durable but lightweight materials. The only thing that might be an issue is that it does not have adjustable legs, which means you can’t make the kitchen taller or shorter. It always remains the same height.

  • Ample storage space for cooking
  • Mesh shelves and handy utensil hooks
  • Compact case for storing and carrying
  • Side table for accommodating
  • Legs aren’t adjustable
  • Legs aren’t adjustable

Happybuy Portable Camping Table and Kitchen

Our Score 10 out of 10
Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table Multifunctional Camping Kitchen Table Windscreen Camping Table Easy-to-Clean Cooking Table Camping Light
Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table Multifunctional Camping Kitchen Table Windscreen Camping Table Easy-to-Clean Cooking Table Camping Light Check price

✔ Unpacked size: 69″*19.5″*43.5″,Packed size: 35″*6″*20″
✔ Material Frame: 19mm Aluminium Pipe; Fabric: Poly 600D with PVC Coating
✔ This cooking table contains locker, work station and extension, ...

The Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen Table is easy to clean and spacious. They have added four different tabletops made from aluminum, and it also has a total of three cupboards for storage. To help keep your grill or cooker from being blown out, they have also added a removable windscreen that can be hooked onto the table at anytime to help keep the wind from blowing out your fire or blowing things off of the table.

They decided to use poly 600D with PVC coating and aluminum piping for the main structure of the kitchen, and some parts are made from a sturdy fabric. This portable camping kitchen is designed for people who have some technical know how. It can be a little tricky to put together and take down, but once it is put together, it will hold up securely for your entire camping trip.

  • Three cupboards
  • Four aluminum tabletops
  • Built-in windscreen
  • Easy to clean
  • Difficult to put together
  • Difficult to put together

Durable Ozark Trail Portable Camp Kitchen and Sink Table

Our Score 6 out of 10
Ozark Trail Portable Camp Kitchen and Sink Table with Lantern Pole

The Durable Ozark Trail Portable Camp Kitchen and Sink Table might be the best choice for you if you are interested in a lower budget kitchen that is still well-made. They have added a small sink area to this kitchen, which is excellent for washing dishes or cleaning off produce or fish. On the side of the kitchen, they have provided a small net basket that can be used to dry and hold dishes, when they are not being used, and the entire kitchen is made from quality materials. 

To help protect the tabletop, they have laminated it to make it easier to clean off after using the preparation table. It also has a small and compact size that is meant to make it easier to carry the kitchen to and from the campsite. The smaller size also makes it easier to store when you are home waiting for your next camping trip.

  • Laminated table top for preparing food
  • Compact storage size
  • Net basket for drying and holding dishes
  • Small sink area to clean food
  • Could use more shelves for storing things
  • Could be made sturdier for strong weather
  • Could use more shelves for storing things
  • Could be made sturdier for strong weather

Lisongin Coleman Portable Deluxe Pack-Away Camp Kitchen

Our Score 8 out of 10
Pack-Away Outdoor Kitchen Deluxe
Pack-Away Outdoor Kitchen Deluxe Check price

Lightweight aluminum frame
Convenient wire storage shelf and produce bin
Removable sink makes cleanup easy
Lantern holder for day or night cooking

The Lisongin Coleman Portable Deluxe Pack-Away Camp Kitchen with Food Prep Area comes with a large food preparation area. Keeping their other equipment in mind, Coleman even added a large side stand that is meant to hold most of their other stoves and coolers. They understand that you might not always be cooking in the daylight. Therefore, they have added a holder to hang your lantern on, which means that whether you are cooking an early breakfast or a late evening meal, you will not have to do so in the dark.

This unit does come with a sink that can be removed for extra space if you find you need it, and it has several utensil hooks and condiment shelves to make organizing your camp kitchen easier and more convenient. This unit is a little heavier than other portable camp kitchens, but the quality of the overall kitchen and its functionality has a lot to offer.

  • Designed to fit most Coleman coolers and stoves
  • Wire storage shelf with product bin
  • Holder for lantern
  • Utensil hooks and condiment shelves
  • Removable sink
  • Difficult to set up and tear down
  • Difficult to set up and tear down

Ozark Trail Deluxe Outdoor Camp Kitchen and Sink Table

Our Score 8 out of 10
Ozark Trail Durable Steel Frame with Easy-to-clean Tabletop, Deluxe Outdoor Camp Kitchen and Sink Table

The Ozark Trail Durable Steel Frame with Easy to Clean Tabletop is made with a steel frame to make it more durable. It has a compact and light design to make it easier to carry it to and from your camp site.

Plus, it has several areas that provide convenience like the small sink for washing dishes, the large food preparation area, and an easy to access storage area. They have crated a small carry case and latches on the kitchen itself to make the unit easier to carry. Even though it is made out of steel, they made the overall unit lightweight for carrying.

  • Sink for dish washing
  • Easy to access storage area
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Large food preparation area
  • Difficult to use with some propane stoves
  • Difficult to use with some propane stoves

Important Portable Camping Kitchen Features to Consider

There are a number of features that you should consider when purchasing your portable camping kitchen. The features that you require are all based on your individual camping situations. Here are a few of the features that we have found most people find useful on their camping trips.

Kitchen Sink

The best portable camping kitchen will come equip with a kitchen sink. This might not seem important, but it can change everything when you are dealing with dirty dishes at your campsite. It also provides you a nice area to do things like clean fish or food you’ve foraged from the wilderness.

Lantern Holder

If you foresee yourself cooking at night or camping during winter when the nights are so much longer, you may want a lantern holder. Having a hook to hold your lantern while cooking your evening meal can be irreplaceable. In a pinch, most campfire tripods can also be used as a lantern holder.

Food Preparation Section

The best portable camping kitchen will also have some sort of food preparation table. This table or section can easily be used to prepare your raw food or to place whatever type of cooking device you are using on top of it.

Storage Area

When camping, finding a good spot to store all of your food, dishes, camping cookbooks, camping spice containers and cooking utensils can be difficult. This why a portable camping kitchen should have some sort of storage area, no matter how big or small.

Weight and Storage Capacity

A portable camping kitchen needs to be sturdy enough to support a camping cooler, a camping grill, or a small outdoor refrigerator, but it still needs to be lightweight to make it easy to carry up to a camping site. It should also be easy to assemble and take down, and they should come with some sort of carrying case or other mechanisms to keep it closed for storage.

Benefits of Using a Portable Camping Kitchen

A portable camping kitchen has a lot of things to offer you to make your trip easier and more convenient. They provide you with a clean and sanitary place to cook and prepare food, and you can even clean your dishes afterwards, with some kitchens, to help keep critters from coming close to your camp site. Add a camping kitchen organizer to further enhance your storage capabilities.

Precautions for Using Portable Camping Kitchens

Although portable camping kitchens are useful, it is important to take certain precautions when using them. If you plan on putting some sort of cooker on your portable kitchen, you need to ensure that it is placed on a level area. This will help to ensure that the kitchen will not get tipped off causing any sort of hazardous fire.

It is also important to keep the portable kitchen cleaned up after every use to avoid attracting unwanted wild animals into your camp site.


After conducting thorough research on portable camping kitchens, we have concluded that the best portable camping kitchen is the Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen. Compared to some of the other kitchens, this one has more storage room, which makes it easy to keep your food and utensils easily organized.

It also comes with a better case, which means it is easier to pack up and store the kitchen away when leaving the camp site and once back at home. It is made out of easy to clean material, which means you won’t have to worry about leaving a mess on the kitchen that could attract harmful animals to your campsite.

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