How Can You Make Great Coffee Without All the Special Equipment?

Great java requires a camper to measure the right amount of ground coffee beans, based on the quantity of water being used. This is the most basic of all brewing fundamentals, but one that’s often skipped by many beginners. Getting the right percentage of coffee to water is not simple especially while camping.

Getting the right aluminum camping coffee pot is your first step. But then adjust according to other variables, such as the specific beans you are using, your type of roast and your grind. Fine grinds produce a more powerful brew than the same step of a coarse grind.

How Much Coffee Do You Use?

What’s the right measure of coffee to use when brewing camp coffee? One should follow the directions on the pre-ground coffee bean can or the unground coffee bean bag. However, in case the directions say, add 2 tbsps into 1 cup of water, make sure you understand if they’re talking about a half cup or an eight ounce cup.

For example, a measuring cup is eight ounces, roughly the same as a normal coffee mug that’s typically 8 ounces or more. Whenever you measure your water utilizing the lines on your carafe, usually you are utilizing a six ounce measure. Which generally means that you should use two tablespoons per cup. Be aware though that might look like a lot more than you are used to when brewing drip coffee.

Weak vs. Strong Camping Brewed Coffee

Nevertheless, many people do not use enough coffee and the flavor of the coffee is weak. Nothing is more of a disappointment when camping than to rise up from a sleeping bag and sip weak, watered-down coffee. In addition to the amount of ground coffee to use when brewing, pay attention to the kind of coffee grind. The directions for brewing likely are speaking about a medium grind, so a fine or class grind will change the strength of the coffee.

A good recommendation is to obtain a coffee scoop that you can use and understand when brewing coffee. You can then take the scoop with you while hiking or camping and always brew that perfect cup. A good coffee scoop will hold two tablespoons of ground coffee. Which usually yields one scoop for each 6 ounce cup of water. Or that’s three scoops for four measuring cups of water.

That Perfect Brewed Camping Coffee

So if you are brewing a pot of coffee over the campfire in one of the country’s best national parks, use eight cups of water and four scoops of ground java into the filter basket. This might be more powerful than you like, so you may begin to decrease the quantity of coffee used, or add warm water after the pot is brewed. You’ll find what you like best. When making coffee, keep in mind that almost anything can change, except the size of the measuring scoop. You may alter your beans, your consistency of your grind, or the quantity of water. Water quality and availability is always an issue while camping or hiking in the wild.

Making Fancier Coffee Outdoors

While many people prefer to keep it simple when brewing coffee outdoors, portable options are available for several different coffee appliances. Travel french presses, battery operated coffee makers, portable espresso makers, milk frothers, and other appliances are available in the outdoors so you can continue having delicious quality no matter where you are.

If you are a camping coffee maker novice, just guessing without utilizing a java scoop will cause inconsistent flavor. Follow the example of professional java makers and cautiously step your ground java for a perfect brew each time.

Finally, don’t forget to clean your coffee maker after you’re done with it. Not only can leaving it dirty affect the flavor of future cups of coffee, but it can also lead to foodborne illnesses. Take care, and clean your dishes!

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