What Sort of Supplies Do You Need While Camping in a Tent?

There’s nothing quite like a night in a tent going tent camping. The only thing that separates a camper from the stars is the thin sheet of canvas that hovers over them.

While staying in a tent, the sounds of the night forest will become the nighttime lullaby and the warmth of the sun will be the morning alarm. And after waking up in your tent, looking forward to starting that warm campfire and smelling that first cup of steaming coffee from your best camping coffee pot.

However, tent camping is a bit more challenging than other types of camping—or a simple day hike. In order to fully enjoy the tent camping experience, it’s imperative that campers have the right supplies on hand and choose their camping tent appropriately.

The Basic Tent Camping Essentials

Whether staying in a luxury RV camper or roughing it in a two-person tent, there are basic supplies that every camper needs on hand.

While everyone knows that they need to bring their tent and tent poles, as well as sleeping bags, pillows, and camping cots, there are necessary items that are often forgotten in the midst of packing for the next big camping trip:

  • Repair kits and replacement items. During the assembly of the tent, anything can happen. Always make sure the repair kit is packed, and that it’s fully stocked with all replacement items that might be needed during the trip.
  • Folding table and chairs. Not often at the top of the list, these items make camp life more livable. A table and chairs can be used as an eating area and gathering space throughout the trip.
  • A camping cot. There are many different types of camping cots, and some even combine the tent and the cot. If you’re trying to travel extremely light, try looking into one of these.

A Tent Camping Wardrobe

A camping trip is not the same as a vacation to an exotic beach destination. Instead of packing clothes that are stylish and fashionable, opt for clothes that are comfortable, practical and beneficial to survival.

  • Moisture-wicking shirts. These shirts are designed to wick away sweat and moisture, which is particularly beneficial to campers who are braving the elements.
  • Long underwear. Long underwear is sometimes needed at night to keep campers safe and comfortable throughout the coldest hours.
  • Slippers for inside the tent. Hiking boots and athletic shoes get dirty quickly while camping. Slippers can keep the feet warm and dry while also maintaining the cleanliness of the tent.

Outdoor Camping Kitchen Supplies

Camping in a tent often means that campers will not have access to running water, heat and other conveniences that are typical in modern living environments. To cook in the great outdoors, add these items to the packing list:

  • Pots and pans. These items won’t be available at the campsite, and they are necessary to making meals over the campfire.
  • Dish washing bin. Campers need a place to wash their pots and pans after each meal.
  • Coffee pot. Tent camping is not complete until you smell that fresh coffee brewing in the morning.

Personal Care Products While Camping

Camping in a tent is no excuse to let personal hygiene go by the wayside. Aside from the obvious toiletries, these are some of the personal care products that will be needed:

  • Glasses, contacts and prescription medications. Despite being in the elements for several days, campers will need these necessary products that ensure their health and well-being.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant. These personal care items will protect campers while they enjoy their trip.

Camping Memory-Making Items

While the packing list might be filled with essential items and daily necessities, it’s important to pack for fun as well. Board games, books, a star chart and a local guide book will provide endless entertainment.

When properly packed for a stay in a tent, the camper can have an exciting adventure in the great outdoors. And this is without sacrificing the conveniences that make life comfortable. The best campers are both mentally and physically prepared for the experience that lies ahead.

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