What Do You Need To Prepare Food When Camping?

Cooking in the great outdoors is not only a primal way to enjoy a night, but it’s also a fun way to challenge campers to do more with a little less. The good news is that there’s no reason to compromise on taste just because the chef is miles away from their beloved double oven.

For more satisfying flavors and easier prep work, use these five tools to add a little gourmet to any camping kitchen setup.

A Camping Wok

A wok is versatile enough to make everything from meats to vegetables.

From open fires to outdoor grills, woks give campers a convenient way to make one-pot dishes, such as jambalaya or stir-fries. When the heat of most camping cooking devices can be unpredictable, a wok distributes the heat evenly across all ingredients. Some backpackers will put the wok outside the flap of their pack to make for easier carrying. Woks are also fairly easy to clean, which is always helpful while camping.

Multitools for Cook Camping

Multitools give campers the knife they need to a chop a pepper or an opener for the can of beans brought along for the chili. Campers can purchase multitools in a variety of configurations that will make cooking (and eating) easier. It’s easy to head out into the wilderness and forget common items that are easy to take for granted in a regular kitchen. The wine a camper brought along to enjoy under the stars will undoubtedly have to be carried back to the car if no one remembered a corkscrew.

Extending Marshmallow Sticks

No cookout is complete without a chocolate treat at the end of the meal. Extending marshmallow roasting sticks extend when in use and collapse when they need to be stored away. They can also be used for hot dogs or veggie cubes as well. They’re especially recommended for families. This is because they encourage adults and children alike to stay a safe distance away from the fire. Plus, the sticks are easy to clean and won’t take up too much weight in a pack.

Collapsible Camping Cooking Items

From collapsible stoves to salad spinners to steamer baskets, these handy items give campers a way to incorporate different elements into the meal that may not be strictly necessary but which will make dinner more complete. Look for collapsible containers to store leftovers or measuring cups so campfire cookies come out perfectly every time. These items can also be handy in a home kitchen as well.

You can also find larger things to bring, such as portable camping kitchens and camping kitchen organizers. Just fold them up, place them in a carrying case, and they’re ready to go.

A Camping Stove

A wok will work for plenty of meals and can even be used to boil water, but many campers prefer the amenities of a camping stove. A stove with 10,000 BTUs per hour will boil four cups of water in around 3 minutes. Plus, many stoves come with a variety of features that make it simple to achieve more ambitious dishes.

Achieving a beautiful dinner with a limited amount of cooking gear is as fun as it is satisfying. These tools give campers the perfect way to plan out their meals. This is because they’re flexible enough to be used with a variety of ingredients and recipes from camping cookbooks. Just remember to store any cold food you plan on cooking in a camping cooler or camping refrigerator beforehand so you don’t have to resort to foraging for all your meals.

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