Which Tools Do You Need For Your RV?

If it’s your first time going RV or trailer camping, it can be hard to know what items are essential and which ones are just going to get in the way.

Our list can help you avoid trouble on the road while ensuring that the gear that you invest in makes your camping trip more convenient and enjoyable. We’ve organized our recommendations into the must-haves, like good camping cooking pots, coffee pots and mess kits. As well as the things that’d be nice and the splurges.

But no matter what you take or don’t bring along, remember that RV camping is just as great as tent camping – only with better accommodations!

Must Haves for RV Camping

These are the items that you will need to have in order to have a safe and enjoyable RV camping trip. If you forget any, don’t worry. Many can be purchased at campgrounds when you get there.

The most important gear involves water and sewage. A fresh water hose is essential if you want to shower, flush or wash your dishes. An RV fresh water hose looks like a regular garden hose, but is designed specifically for standing up to pressure of an RV’s water system.

The sewer hose, on the other hand, is needed to get grey and black water from your sink, shower and toilet out. It will go from the side of the RV into a space on the ground.

Leveling blocks and wheel chocks keep the RV steady and stable even when you are on uneven surfaces. Use them with levels so that you can tell that you are not on a grade.

Nice to Have for RV Camping

Faucet or hose filters can be great to have if you are filling your water tank at camp grounds. They can cut down on minerals that may clog your system and can improve the taste of the water.

Headlamps are far more convenient than flashlights when you are trying to find your way around at night. You’ll have a much easier time lighting the grill or adjusting an outdoor hammock when you have both hands free. For reading after dark, consider solar lanterns. These are always ready to go without batteries and typically offer around six hours of lighting on a charge.

Fun things for the children. When RV camping with younger children, don’t forget to bring toys, games and things to do.

Splurges for RV Camping

Chip and crack resistant plates, bowls and glasses can allow you to enjoy “real” dishes even when you are out camping. Brands like Corelle and Pyrex offer items in a wide array of sizes and patterns. You can also invest in inexpensive camping cookware sets.

Most of us are used to cheap folding camp chairs. These are serviceable, but often not the most comfortable picks. If you have room to store them, upgrade your camping experience with padded chairs or camping lounge chairs.

And don’t forget the coffee! It’s easy to locate and find a camping coffee pot. Just don’t forget to bring the coffee along as well.

If a few days away from your favorite entertainment seems like a big price to pay for getting back to nature, consider packing a Wi-Fi boosting antenna before you head out on your trip. These tools will help you pick up signals that are farther away so that you can watch shows, surf the web and listen to music on your laptop or tablet. There are a number on the market at different price points with different ranges.

Every camper is different and you’ll find that your must-haves may fall into another person’s splurges, and vice versa. By keeping a list of what you wish you’d bought and what you actually used, you can hone your personal list of RV essentials to make your RV trip more enjoyable for everyone.

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