When camping, you still need to prepare food and you will need to have the best camping dishware. If you’ve spent even a few minutes on this blog, you’ll have seen just how many types of pots and pans there is and all the different makes and styles there are to choose from. No two pieces of camping dishware, whether it’s an electric skillet, or a carbon steel pan, are exactly the same, and you need to take the different traits of each into consideration before choosing one.


Camping dishware should not be a burden to lug with you, so you need something lightweight. Consider a set of dishes that will stack easily within each other, or think about getting a set that comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.

Design and Materials

You want to choose camping plates that are made out of durable materials. You will need something that can stand the test of time and take the bumps and knocks that camping brings. Avoid any breakable materials, such as glass or ceramic. Not only will these be a waste of money if they break, but they’ll also be a safety hazard, and you could cut yourself. Some of the best materials to look for include enamel, plastic, stainless steel, or other types of metal. It’s best to choose materials that are scratch-resistant so you will get more use out of them.


For convenience, you want to make sure you choose the right size dishes. While giant dinner plates may seem like a good idea because they help keep all the food on the plate, they also take up a lot more space than smaller plates. The smaller the set, the easier it is for transporting and storing. Also consider how many people you will be camping with. Two people only need two plates and two bowls between them, so you don’t need to buy a set that serves six people.

Easy to Clean

In order to save time, you want dishware that is easy to clean. If you’re out in the woods, you won’t have access to washing facilities, and not even all campgrounds offer a place to wash your dishes. Plastic camping dishware can be a good option since it’s easy to wipe clean, and the grease won’t stick to the plates.


Price is an important factor for anything you are considering buying, including camping dishware. The price of the set will usually depend on the materials, brand, and the number of pieces. A more expensive set may come with more accessories or a larger number of dishes, while a less expensive set may just give you the bare necessities. Read reviews to get a better idea of the quality of the items and how good the value is.


Some dishware sets come with accessories such as camping utensils or a pot stand. For example, mess kits come with just about everything you’d need to feed yourself while camping and sometimes even have extras to help you cook and clean up afterwards. When looking at sets with accessories, try to find one with accessories you will actually use, otherwise they’ll just take up space. You may also want to buy accessories separately if you don’t like the style or quality of the ones included in your set. Camping cutting boards are something that campers often buy separately so they can control the size and quality of what they receive.


The style of the camping plates will be a choice of personal preference. There are a wide range of styles available and designs to choose from. Regardless of whether or you are looking for something simple or prefer more bold colors, you will find something that will suit you. What one person considers the best design may not necessarily be the same for someone else.

Tips for Storing and Cleaning Your Dishware

Storing and cleaning your camping dishware are different processes than doing them at home and you may face some extra challenges.

  • Bring a camping wash basin, especially if you aren’t staying at a campground
  • Don’t forget to pack a small towel so you can quickly dry plates and be able to store them for the next use
  • If available, use hot water so it removes the grease
  • Wash cleanest dishes first to avoid having them pick up additional grease from the dirty ones
  • When you get home, give the dishware a thorough washing in hot, soapy water before storing it for the next trip
  • If you have metal plates, make sure they are dry before storing so that they don’t tarnish

At first, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right camping dishware for your next camping trip, but keeping all of these things in mind can help you find something you like. Keep these criteria in mind when looking for products so you don’t end up with something that doesn’t work well with your camping style.

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