When you’re finished brewing the perfect cup of coffee, you need to clean your coffee maker. Nobody wants to give up their coffee when they go on a camping trip. However, without access to a full kitchen, it can be hard to thoroughly clean your camping kitchen equipment, especially if it’s a strange shape like pour over coffee makers often are. Even though you might not have access to the comforts of home, there are still ways to get a coffee maker squeaky clean, and the solution is a lot more simple than you may expect.

Make the Vinegar Solution

The first step is to make the vinegar solution. First, take out any filters from the coffee maker and remove the coffee grounds. If the carafe has any coffee left inside it, pour it out. After this, rinse out the basket with some warm water to help make sure there aren’t any coffee grounds still inside the coffee maker. Next, place the basket back in the coffee maker.

The next step is to make the vinegar cleaning solution. To do this:

  • Fill the coffee pot one-third full with vinegar
  • Fill the rest with water
  • Mix the solution to make sure the vinegar is distributed evenly

Vinegar is a great emulsifying agent to get rid of any grime that might still be present attached to the coffee maker. It’s also a common camping kitchen ingredient on top of being good for stain removal, so it does double duty.

Add the Solution to the Carafe

Once the solution has been made, place the solution into the carafe of the coffee maker. If you’re using a battery operated coffee maker, run the brew cycle (or the clean cycle). If the coffee maker runs the old-fashioned way, try to use it as you normally would to force the solution into every part. This is especially helpful for camping espresso makers and travel French presses.

Once the machine sounds like it’s done, let the solution sit in place for thirty minutes to an hour. This will give the vinegar solution time to attack any mineral debris or grime that might have built up on the interior of the coffee maker. This material can be tough to get off without a full kitchen, but vinegar will still do the trick.

Remove the Vinegar Solution from the Coffee Maker

Once the solution has sat in place for about an hour, it can be removed from the coffee maker. The best thing to do with the solution is to put it in a container with other greywater to dispose of later, but if this isn’t an option, use normal greywater disposal tactics.

Once the solution has been removed, be sure to rinse the entire carafe thoroughly. Warm water and some biodegradable dish soap will be enough to get the scent and taste of vinegar out of the coffee maker. Those who like to be thorough might want to run water through the coffee maker on a full brew cycle, but this is a matter of personal preference.

The Coffee Maker is Good to Go Once Again

After this process has been completed, the camping coffee maker maker is ready to go for the next batch. Cleaning your coffee maker in this way can be involved and time-consuming, and you may not want to do it after every single use. However, those who are truly looking to give their coffee maker a solid clean during the camping trip should use the vinegar method. As an emulsifying agent, it is extremely powerful and can get the coffee maker squeaky clean. Nobody should have to sacrifice their coffee just because they are on a camping trip!

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