Few things taste better than perfectly roasted marshmallows. Roasting a marshmallow may not seem that difficult, but if you’ve ever actually roasted one or watched others do it, you know that getting that just-right golden-brown crust and gooey inside isn’t easy. The following are the four steps to roasting the perfect marshmallows so you can make the ultimate s’mores.

Use the Right Type of Roasting Sticks

To roast the perfect marshmallow, you need to start with the right type of tools. While you could use a stick off the ground to cook your marshmallow, buying roasting sticks are the way to go because they ensure your marshmallow stays put. Using a branch off the ground may make you feel like a kid again, but they can also leave wood particles in your marshmallow along with an array of germs. So again, the best way to cook these delicious fluffy things is to buy the right type of roasting sticks which won’t cost you an arm and a leg they are pretty cheap these days. 

Select the Best Marshmallow

There are actually different types of marshmallows as well as different sizes. It’s the sugar in the marshmallow that makes it taste so good after being roasted, and when the sugar caramelizes over the fire, there is a chemical reaction that creates the toasty flavor and the rich brown color. Here are the most common marshmallows you’ll encounter when you go to your local grocery store.

  • Confectionary Marshmallows: These are considered to be marshmallows made in mass production and are found in most groceries. They are made from sugar, water, gelatin, and corn syrup. These marshmallows are probably the best type to use when roasting.
  • Tiny, Solid Marshmallows: These are the kind you would find in a box of Lucky Charms. They are obviously mass-produced, but smaller and more solid than other types. Different amounts of water and gelatin are what make these marshmallows different. These are not ideal for roasting.
  • Pate de Guimauve: These are French marshmallows that are used by gourmet bakeries and restaurants. These are made with corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, and water. They also, however, have egg whites. This makes them lighter and fluffier. Even though these types of marshmallows are considered high-quality, they don’t always make the best roasting marshmallows since they usually melt quickly.

Roast in the Perfect Fire

The best type of fire for roasting marshmallows is one that has been burning for at least an hour. Whether you start your fire in a grill or around a burn pit, start your fire approximately an hour before you want to start roasting so the coals will be just right. You’ll need a variety of small and medium-sized twigs as well as tinder for the fire. Paper, grass, or bits of pine cones can be used as tinder to start the fire.

Timing and Distance are Crucial

Once you have the right stick, marshmallow, and fire, it’s time to actually start roasting. It may be tempting to place your marshmallow above the flames, but this is how you get marshmallows that are burnt on the outside and still firm on the inside. The place you really want to put your marshmallow is down by the logs and ashes. Rotate your marshmallow constantly until it starts to turn golden. This may take a few minutes, so patience is key—remember, getting the perfect marshmallow is a marathon, not a race. You’ll know you have the perfect marshmallow when the outside is evenly golden-brown and it’s starting to slide down the stick.

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