When you’re planning what to bring camping, you may decide you want or need something more comfortable than the cold, hard ground. While these handy devices are commonly called camping cots, they actually serve an array of other purposes ranging from temporary bedding for soldiers to a quick bed for overnight guests. However, their most common use is by far for outdoor pursuits thanks to the rising popularity of camping. With that in mind, let’s explore popular types of camping cots and some things to consider when choosing one.

First Things First: What to Consider in a Cot

Cots are available in numerous colors, shapes, sizes and styles ranging from the bare-bones basics to ultra-luxury mattress designs made for glamping adventures. However, there are some primary areas of focus that are pertinent.

  • Budget: Camping cots can get expensive, so you may want to stick with a basic model in the beginning and upgrade later if you like it.
  • Weight Allowances: There are popular camping cots that allow for all sizes and weights, but you will want one that is comfortable and sturdy.
  • Size: Portable camping cots typically fold and come in various dimensions adequate for an array of uses, but size is also important when traveling.
  • Accessories: Some cots are bare-bones, while others come with accessories like storage compartments, pouches, hanging trees, drink holders, and so on.

There are numerous options in the wonder world of folding camping cots, and these are top choices today.

Lightweight Cots

Frequent travelers seeking the lightest and most portable camping cots will want to start here. Some options weight as little as three pounds and don’t require much storage space and very little assembly before use.

Double Camping Cots

For couples who travel or want to have a double bed for guests, there are cots designed for two. Many of these cots come with padded head sections and other features.

Bunk Bed Cots

For those of you who need a cot that fits two people that takes up as little space as possible, there are bunk bed cots. They are available in various materials and come in an array of sizes ranging from kid-sized to standard adult size. With these, however, you’ll need to ensure your bunk bed cot fits inside whichever tent you choose for camping.

Cots with Mattresses

The premise is a foldable cot frame as a base that is topped with an inflatable mattress on top for additional comfort. Some offer self inflating mattresses while others rely on an air pump or traditional mouth inflation.

Heavy Duty Camping Cots:

Like heavy-duty camping chairs, these cots are designed with heavier sleepers in mind or couples looking for extra stability, and some models can hold up to 600 pounds. These are commonly labeled as ‘Heavy Duty’ or ‘XXL’ and are some of the most enduring cots on the market today.

Basic Foldable Camping Cots

These cots are most often used in shelters, military compounds and by long-distance hikers. The basic folding cot sets up in seconds and are ultra-light for portability.

Camping Cots for Kids

Yes, there are kid-sized cots in single and bunk bed styles, so the youngsters can feel cozy without their bedding taking up the space of full sized cots. Quite a few models come with handy accessories such as storage cubbies and pockets to help kids and toddlers stay organized.

The Bottom Line

Whether a cot is needed for outdoor travels or for additional sleeping spaces indoors, carefully consider how it will be used and by whom before making a final selection. Buyers should also consider checking out reviews of previous purchasers. By doing this, you’ll help ensure that you have a quality cot to bring tent camping.

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