Finding the best fire starters to create a campfire is essential for an array of reasons. On the one hand, creating campfires is important for those who enjoy camping and other related outdoor activities. On the other hand, campfires can also be highly beneficial in emergency situations. Furthermore, they can also be used by campers who want an easier way to build ac campfire with their freshly-harvested wood. That said, the following are the types of fire starters that can be used to create campfires.

What are Fire Starters?

For those who are yet unfamiliar, a fire starter is a device that can be used to easily create fires of all sizes. For instance, the following is a list of the types of devices can be used to safely start fires:

  • Firelighter: This is a solid fuel tablet that can be used to create a fire.
  • Fire Starter: These are magnesium or alloy devices that are often used by hikers and campers.
  • Fire Striker: These are pieces of carbon steel that can be used to create fires by striking them onto the sharp edge of something such as a hard rock.

Each type of fire starter is best for a different situation, so be sure to research them and find the one that will help you most.

Types of Fire Starters

Now that we have differentiated between the various devices that can be used to start fires, let’s take a look at the types of that can be used to create campfires:

  • Granulated Fire Starter: These are all-weather fire starters as they allow users to start fires on snow, sleet, water, ice, and can even sustain in winds of up to 30 miles per hour. Not only that, but these are eco-friendly with even the ashes able to be used as fertilizer, so these are a great choice for camping.
  • Fire Starter Pods: These types of fire starters make it possible for you to start fires to instantly light grills, create campfires, wood stoves, and more. They are also non-toxic and made of wood shavings.
  • Starter Stikks: Known as one of nature’s best fire starters, starter stikks are made from hardened stump wood with a high concentration of resin, these are 100% organic and chemical-free. If you’re excited to get your marshmallow roasting sticks out, this may be the right option for you.
  • Puck Starters: These are all-weather fire starters that come in puck form that burn for approximately 30-minutes each. Made from cedar sawdust as well as highly refined wax, they burn clean and leave no residue or chemical toxic waste behind.
  • Homemade: Lastly, if you do not wish to purchase products or gadgets, you can make your own DIY fire starters. For instance, you can start fires with the help of objects such as toilet paper rolls, shredded paper, paraffin wax, pine cones, egg cartons, dryer lint, and more.

Overall, there are plenty of things you can use to create a campfire. However, be sure that you have either read the directions or have studied the materials you will use thoroughly to avoid injury and to avoid the risk of accidentally starting a forest fire. Either way, creating a campfire should not be an arduous task, and this list includes more than enough suggestions to help you start your campfire in no time.

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